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Helping You Enjoy Life In Full Colour

Full Colour: The full spectrum. Every colour of the rainbow. Black, white and every shade of grey in between... This is what makes up a life.

My mission is to help you, using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, to enjoy your life in all its shades, hues and gradients. Everyone, even those people we admire , goes through a full spectrum of emotions, experiences and thoughts every day. No one is immune to life's bumps in the road.

How we cope with these things can vary depending on our circumstances, the difficulties we have to contend with and what's going on in our lives. If we have a full stress bucket, things won't be as easy to deal with than if we were feeling relaxed and problem-free. Anxiety, depression, phobias, confidence issues and other difficulties can make it hard for us to see the more vibrant side of life.

As a solution focused hypnotherapist, my mission is to help you cope with whatever life throws your way, knowing that you have the tools to deal with it. We can't control what happens in life, but we can take back control of our responses and, in this way, we can fully engage with all of life's more colourful moments.

As a painter and life-long lover of bright colours, I use colour in my paintings to make myself feel good. It's one of my go-to ways of cheering myself up and improving my day. I'm always delighted to witness the power of solution focused hypnotherapy in helping others find their 'colours' - the things that help us enjoy and cope with life so much better.

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